It’s dirty tricks déjà vu as we are witnessing the biggest witch hunt ever seen in British politics.
“Don’t exaggerate” I hear you all call. Well, it all started when Remainers realised that if they get rid of Boris it might somehow make it easier to reverse Brexit.

Leading the charge, (which is no surprise) is the BBC who have given us:

  • Wallpapergate - Two years ago Boris decorated the rented apartment above No 10
  • Partygate – Two years ago staff members left their office for a drink in the garden at the back of the house. The very same people had cake in their office on Johnson’s birthday. The BBC made a 30 minute news item about cake.
  • Muslimgate – Two Years ago MP Nusrat Ghani was sacked as transport minister and only now, she is claiming it was due to her “muslimness”
  • Holidaygate - Questions about the funding of Johnson’s Christmas trip to the Caribbean in December 2019 were raised. The Commons committee on standards ultimately cleared Johnson of any wrong doing.

To mention just a few...

And with the help of Dominic Cummings condemning and telling tales which is rich when you consider his conduct two years ago driving half way across the country as an infected person to be at home. The leader of the labour Party doesn’t even deserve a mention with the antics of his own MPs.

There is one rule for those in power and another rule for the opposition. It seems to me, that Boris only has to fart and there are cries for his resignation. Lord Daniel Moylan sums up the 'witch hunt' against Boris Johnson as 'coordinated'

This is the way Modern Politics is Done

By tying up government with trivial matters making it almost impossible for them to do their job, they can mask the big issues by blowing up out of all proportion unimportant actions. When it comes to the next election the Labour opposition can then cite what the current government failed to achieve. The concept is not new. We saw the exact same process during President Trumps' time in office. He was permanently bombarded with accusations and girl scandals, impeachments, FBI investigations and court cases all of which disappeared once he left office.

Lord Daniel Moylan in his interview talked about Boris being called a liar at every opportunity. This has been a relentless witch hunt going back to when Boris was first elected.

Laura Kuenssberg, who has been leading the charge since the beginning, wrote an article in May 2021 with the Title, Boris Johnson: What is the PM's relationship with the truth?
Can you see a pattern here?

Boris Johnson has a lot on his plate, with the threat of War in the Ukraine to the Northern Ireland protocol issue, there are certainly bigger issues than CAKE.

There is clearly a witch hunt going on.