Deportations to EU stopped

After months of negotiations, the Spanish authorities agreed to take back 20 illegal migrants who had passed through Spain on their journey to the UK. The flight to deport them was arranged for 27 August 2020 but stopped at the last minute by a group of 3 solicitor’s who successfully thwarted the process on legal technicalities allowing all their “clients” to remain in the UK. “Clients” who’s paying?

It has been reported that the illegal migrants hired solicitors Duncan Lewis (, John Street ( and Milestone solicitors ( in the quest to choose their preferred country of residence.

The Home Office claims that these solicitors “frustrate” the process with claims that are “baseless” and “without merit”. A spokesperson said “These claims are very often entirely without merit, but are given full legal consideration, leading to removal being rescheduled. This can effectively result in the timing out of a return due to stringent Dublin Regulations.”

The UK is bound to EU rules and regulations until the end of the year, after which time the Dublin agreement will no longer apply to illegal migrants crossing the Channel. EU members are rejecting calls for a new agreement making deportation of illegal migrants back to the EU impossible.

The government will attempt to deport them again in two weeks.

Why Migrants Prefer the UK

Why are record numbers of migrants crossing the Channel?

Katie Hopkins explains in her humorous way how UK legislation ensures that migrants receive more money than most UK pensioners.


The Stories of Money and Luxury Get Back to Calais

How many migrants back in Calais have received a video from those arriving at their luxury 4-star spa hotel and getting £35 per week in their pocket. At the same time, the news of Emmanuel Macron’s tough new plans to crack down on French immigration motivates them to go. The flow across the Channel will never stop.

What About the Dublin Agreement?

“Dublin III” is a mechanism signed by EU countries to enable the return of migrants to other EU countries in order to consider their claim for asylum.

It states: The first point of entry is then the country responsible for determining the asylum application. Since the UK knows migrants are crossing from France there should be no processing of claims for asylum in the UK.

This is not happening!!!

The Dublin III Regulation Explained on GOV.UK

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