Why Migrants Prefer the UK

Why are record numbers of migrants crossing the Channel?

Katie Hopkins explains in her humorous way how UK legislation ensures that migrants receive more money than most UK pensioners.


The Stories of Money and Luxury Get Back to Calais

How many migrants back in Calais have received a video from those arriving at their luxury 4-star spa hotel and getting £35 per week in their pocket. At the same time, the news of Emmanuel Macron’s tough new plans to crack down on French immigration motivates them to go. The flow across the Channel will never stop.

What About the Dublin Agreement?

“Dublin III” is a mechanism signed by EU countries to enable the return of migrants to other EU countries in order to consider their claim for asylum.

It states: The first point of entry is then the country responsible for determining the asylum application. Since the UK knows migrants are crossing from France there should be no processing of claims for asylum in the UK.

This is not happening!!!

The Dublin III Regulation Explained on GOV.UK

Where Do Illegal Migrants End Up? Nigel Farage asked the question “what happens to illegal migrants arriving at Dover?” Migrants who come from a safe country (France) but decide the UK is their preferred place of residence. His research took him to the small town of...