The Pathetic Efforts of MPs
to Stop Migrant Crossings

We have seen more than 4,000 illegal migrants successfully cross the Channel this year in small boats.

Last week saw more than 700 migrants crossing the English Channel, with 235 arriving on a single day - Thursday 6 Aug. 2020.

France is Simply Ignoring the Dublin Agreement.

Instead of enforcing the Dublin agreement here’s what our MPs and others are doing.

Home Secretary Priti Patel MP was seen disembarking from a police boat in Dover on Monday 10 Aug. 2020, taking a look at the situation in the English Channel for herself.

Although this has been on-going for months highlighted by Nigel Farage and only now has she gone to see how the French and British (Taxis) arrange crossings of hundreds of illegal migrants.

Immigration minister Chris Philp MP will go to Paris this week to demand stronger measures from French authorities.
How about he tells the French about the Dublin agreement which their government signed up to!

Sir David Normington, former permanent secretary at the Home Office said, “If the navy is going to push boats back, it will have to go into French waters to do that, and then you can only do that with the permission of the French government." He went on to say Blah Blah Blah!



A letter signed by a group of 44 MPs and peers, was sent to the home secretary Priti Patel demanding that Uighur Muslims fleeing China seeking asylum in the UK are automatically granted refugee status. After all, the Chinese government has locked up nearly 3 million Uighurs in so called “re-education camps”.

How many Uighur Muslims will make it to the UK from China?

When you see how well organised traffickers in France are, it won’t be long before they see another revenue stream with Uighur Muslims.

Where Do Illegal Migrants End Up?

Nigel Farage asked the question “what happens to illegal migrants arriving at Dover?” Migrants who come from a safe country (France) but decide the UK is their preferred place of residence.

His research took him to the small town of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire where he discovered more than 140 illegal migrants being “parked” at the Bromsgrove 4-star Hotel & Spa FULL BOARD.

The hotel boasts fantastic amenities including suites, blackout curtains, air conditioning, TV, Telephone and free wifi on site. “The ideal location to explore the heart of England” according to their brochure. “With a bar, restaurant and Java coffee shop, 60ft indoor heated pool, fitness center, sauna and nearby golf course. You may choose to simply relax and unwind at the hotel and the surrounding area.

Price for you and me - £149 per night (ebookers off season)

Not some 2 star run down establishment for Britain’s illegal immigrants, no sir, a very nice place to spend lockdown. 996 reviews gave this hotel and spa a rating of 3.7/5.

Is the hotel management any better than traffickers?

How many migrants video their luxurious abode sending it back to others still trying to make the crossing?

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Nigel's All at Sea

Nigel Farage witnesses how the French Navy escort illegal migrants to hand over to British Navy vessels in mid channel.

Data showing the journey of the two ships proving that they met in mid channel.

Nigel Farage at sea



As Nigel Farage is reporting the flow of illegal immigrants coming into Dover, a boat load are seen arriving in the background.

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