The disgraceful speech from European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, talking about ‘privileged access’ and ‘fair competition’ does not reflect the past actions of the EU.

What if this was the case?

Let me float an idea to Mr Macron. Britain will send trucks to France each year to pick all their apples for free. The trucks will bring the free apples back to the UK to wash and pack them, then sell them world wide at a profit. For the privilege of this arrangement France will additionally pay the UK €1bn. Per month. Is this a fair deal? If the UK put this as a deal to France they would think we have gone mad BUT France has enjoyed a similar arrangement to this for 40 years with regards to fishing rights.

A Level Playing Field?

During the Eurozone financial crisis in 2011 the EU vetoed David Cameron to support the Euro with actions that were detrimental to the pound. This action cost the UK billions propping up the pound against the Euro.

EU Financial Transaction Tax

UK loses legal challenge to EU financial transaction tax. Nigel Farage explains the consequences of a levy on financial transactions imposed by the EU. It will punish the UK. A eurozone vanguard, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, wants to press ahead with a levy on...

The EU Nullified the Irish Referendum

For those who have read The Brexit Chronicles you will still be reeling at the 2007 EU parliament vote to nullify the Irish referendum and the subsequent campaign by Nigel Farage.

History has shown that the EU only act in their own interests when difficult decisions have to be made and they are ruthless.

So don't lecture us on what a level
playing field looks like Mrs. Worthington.

EU Countries Rely Heavily on the UK

The UK is the SECOND largest trading partner with the EU. Countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland would soon go bust if tariffs were put in place. Take a look at how important trading with the UK for these countries actually is. Britain would hardly notice the impact of tariffs but some would suffer badly.

The EU exports twice as many cars to Britain as we sell to them.



If the EU wants access to the second largest trading partner whereby the economy of some of its poorest members could be in jeopardy if tariffs are put in place. Britain is only asking that they respect the countries sovereignty and stop plundering our natural resources.