Dominic Cummings Debate Goes on. Really?

A resolute mainstream media seem determined to unseat Dominic Cummings as we see a debate continue longer than a story about a car journey is newsworthy. With the smell of blood in the air, it has become a media witch-hunt and they won't be satisfied until Cummings resigns. Who gave them the right to be judge, jury and executioner?

It's quite disgraceful how Conservative MPs are leaping at the opportunity to stab Cummings in the back venting their anger and the Labour party calling for an inquiry. Labour MPs who flagrantly broke lock-down rules like Labour Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething MP going on a picnic or Stephen Kinnock MP who drove miles to see his parents and Kevin Jones MP who attended a birthday party all without facing an inquiry or being sacked.

I get the impression this is more a political issue to get rid of an important aide to Johnson than highlighting a car journey. An attempt by a bias media to extend Britain's membership in the EU a little longer punishing those in favour of Brexit.

One rule for the press?

If the police saw you in a huddle in regents park, you would most certainly be arrested. Watch social distancing among journalists as they ask Cummings about obeying the rules.

Remainers are hard at work

Who remembers the resolute Lib-Dem MEP Luisa Porritt? Do you think they have all simply gone to ground or are the Remainers still plotting against the country?

The UK may have left the EU but the fight is not over until after 1 January 2021.

Who can be Proud of Our Press?

Who is that journalist who shouts a question every time, just as the Prime Minister leaves Downing Street? It's always a question like "Did you fuck it up then Prime Minister?" This might not be what she says, but it’s certainly the sentiment I hear from the question.

There must be some kind of agreement between the 50 or so journalists parked over the road from No 10, as to whom gets to ask this one question that the whole world will hear but knowing full well it will never be answered. It's always the same female voice asking in a tone of complete disrespect for the office held.

It seems that the British press core have become a band of bullies judging by the frantic scenes outside Dominic Cummings’s London house the other day. You would think Cummings was a mass murderer from their behaviour and the story was an issue of survival for all UK citizens.

With over 1600 new coronavirus cases reported on the day Cummings gave his press conference, nobody asked how is it when the country is in lockdown the number of new cases is so high?

No journalist asked whether Dominic Cummings was going to sue them for lying to the public.

Gary Gibbon from channel 4 was so keyed up to the feeding frenzy that he could hardly contain himself cutting Cummings off even before he had a chance to speak.

Do the public really care about this story?

Let’s be honest, Cummings made a judgement call, clearly staying within the rules, rules that he had to read out as the press didn’t seem interested in the facts. Instead repeating the same question in an attempt to see Cummings lose his temper. He didn’t. Was it a sensible thing he did considering the circumstances? Most people don't have the media camping in front of their house and I thought there was a certain logic to his actions. Others may disagree and that is their right, but I believe there are more important issues te be reported on right now.

Why is this story so important to the mainstream media who won’t cover stories from Nigel Farage highlighting the number of illegal migrants entering the UK?

Dominic Cummings is a key architect of Brexit. He will be involved in the negotiations giving advice. Do the press see this as an opportunity to get rid of a key member of the team in an attempt to stop Brexit?

What main point did the press draw from the press conference - “Cummings has no regrets”

Can we be proud of our press after watching them in action?