The Deal is Signed off by Parliament

30 December 2020 sees the UK Parliament debate the deal for future relationships with the EU. It must be a good deal because MP’s like Bill Cash confirm that the deal returns sovereignty to the UK. It must be a good deal as the Remainers SNP and LibDems are calling it a bad deal and will refuse to back it. A good deal is subjective and all a question of perspective. To a Remainer the only good deal is one whereby the UK stays tied up to the EU.

The UK Parliament voted 521 to 73 in favour of the ‘EU Future Relationship’ Bill and sent it to the house of Lords for their approval.

All 27 members of the EU Commission signed the deal and a copy sent per RAF aircraft has now been signed by Boris.



What is the Deal?

It was Pres. Junker who said there would be no free access to the EU single market without free movement of people and that no EU company would suffer due to Brexit. The latter was obviously more important when it came to the final discussions. The new negotiators came to see sense that a deal was beneficial for both sides.

It appears on face value that the UK Government has delivered on its promises

No Tariffs – No Trade Quotas – Fishing returned in 51/2 years
UK Sovereignty Accepted - No Free Movement of People
The European Court of Justice has no control over the UK

It will take the UK fishing community at least 2 years to ramp up with new equipment, skilled workers... 5 Years to wind down the EU super-trawlers was only to be expected. The EU would never allow the destruction of an industry that has had free access to British waters for 40 years.

The devil is in the detail, which will be revealed when some 2,000 pages of this agreement are poured over in the coming weeks.

I’m personally not surprised that a deal was reached because tariffs would have crippled the economies of EU countries that are already one step from bankruptcy. The disgraceful arrogant behaviour that we have seen recently by the European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen with phrases like “privileged access”.

The disgraceful speech from European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, talking about ‘privileged access’ and ‘fair competition’ does not reflect the past actions of the EU. What if this was the case? Let me float an idea to Mr Macron. Britain will send trucks to...

A few word from the father of Brexit as we enter a new phase.

A Great Speech from Boris

A Canada style free trade deal with the EU and an Australian type immigration system comes into play as of 1. January 2021. We can also welcome back the bent banana that for so long many of us have sorely missed.

The first three questions to Boris today came from an angry press. I will not miss the bitter and twisted Laura Kuenssberg beginning questions with “will you be honest…” as she did today yet again. The press are still dreaming of remain and it was noticeable from the way the questions were asked.



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