What About a Pat on the Back for Team Boris?

For all of those who doubted Boris Johnson. For the naysayers who underestimated that the United Kingdom would still stand on the world stage after Brexit. They should be holding their heads in shame right now.

The AUKUS pact with America and Australia is really big and worth billions of pounds in trade. While some suggested Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison had been snubbed by Joe Biden at the June summit, Boris Johnson was setting up one of the most important security agreements in our history. It places the UK firmly on the world stage and in a position of power for years to come.

What’s this about a French contract?

If there had been a signed contract to purchase submarines from France, it would have made front page news. The French have been outmaneuvered by the UK and after all, all is fair in love and War (ouch) they are feeling niffed. Are the French justified to feel stabbed in the back?

Who knew that the French made subs anyway? The Germans have sold submarines all over the world, but the French? I’m not convinced that the French have the knowhow to build a first class submarine. Chopping the wings off an old Airbus body wouldn’t be the same somehow. The UK on the other hand has a long history with the Company “BAE” of building excellent subs. Rolls Royce make the best power units available. Australia will be getting a first class vessel.

It’s about much more than selling a few underwater boats.

The pact will see a close co-operation on many fronts concerning security. That the UK has been chosen over the EU is a real slap in the face for Frau Ursula von der Leyen (ex-German defence minister and now EU president).

The mainstream media are so busy finding fault, they failed to mention the massive achievement from team Boris and Defense Sec. Ben Wallace MP. Nothing new there I suppose.

Well Done Boris!