All That Negative Spin

It Seems the BBC still can’t Forgive Johnson for Brexit

Did BBC Desperation-Gate create Wallpaper-Gate? the BBC spin monkeys are up for anything to avoid talking about the real problems that labour are dealing with, let alone give any praise to Boris Johnson. When the renovation of government property, that should have been paid for by the landlord anyway (the UK Government) makes front page news, you can smell the desperation in the air.

Let’s Talk About Real Things

Hartlepool, a Labour stronghold for more than 50 years, is taken by the Conservatives with Jill Mortimer getting nearly 52% of the vote (Lab 28%). What is the BBC headline: “Conservatives hail historic Labour defeat” going on with lame excuses why Labour is losing public confidence. WHAT’S MISSING? – Any positive reference as to why the Conservatives justifiably won the seat.

No Wonder Boris is Losing His Temper

It’s bad enough the country has ousted the most treacherous Parliament ever seen with the 2019 elections, but we are still dealing with an angry, bitter and twisted press and opposition party who can’t seem to forgive Johnson for his role in Brexit, failing to move on.

When Laura Kuenssberg at a recent press briefing with Health Secretary Matt Hancock, starts a question on a completely unrelated subject asking does Mr Hancock believe the PM should resign…, She should not be surprised if it is treated with the lack respect it deserves. Hancock ignored the question and moved on.

Let the People Speak

By all accounts, the Conservatives have done well in the recent elections. With all the difficulties that the Government are facing from COVID-19 to new trading rules put in place by the EU, to the French sending warships to Jersey (Are they F###ing serious!), there are certainly bigger issues to be making front page news than a few roles of wallpaper.

A new world is emerging, and I know from my own experiences how resourceful Britain can be in the face of adverse conditions. The bias press will continue to blame Brexit for everything in the coming years, but listen carefully to Johnsons speech in Parliament, he is still a man on a mission and more importantly he has yet again been given the mandate by the people to continue.

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