From the bestseller author Paul McQueen.

    Brexit Exposed

    Preserving the Truth Matters

    It all begins with David Cameron’s bombshell speech 23 January 2013 announcing that Britain would hold an in–out referendum on EU membership. A saga lasting seven years polarizing a nation, which saw members of Parliament defy the electorate and the dramatic rise and demise of leaders. Get the unadulterated, unbiased facts about what really happened in the lead up to Brexit.

    6 Foiled Opportunities

    With no less than 6 foiled opportunities when Brexit could have been stopped, Paul McQueen explains when and how, joining all the dots of the Brexit story bringing it to life.

    A well-researched book presented in an easy to understand format with links to footage of key speeches and newsreels, giving a clear understanding of how MPs frustrated the Brexit process until Boris Johnson won an 80 seat majority in Parliament.

    Read Brexit Exposed from the bestselling author Paul McQueen and discover how Parliament stretched the process over seven years costing the British tax payer a fortune.

    We all lived through it and some of us participated, it’s time to really understand what happened. It's time to make sure Brexit stays Brexit.

    ISBN: 978-1916496941

    Only reading the book Brexit Exposed will give you the full picture to what really happened.

    The people stood strong, when the doubters had the loudest voice and the Government was working against them. Even when the odds were stacked in favour of Remain, the Leave camp came through triumphant.

    Why did the Remainers fail? Was Brexit simply inevitable? It’s time to learn the facts.

    Leaders like Thatcher, Blair, Cameron… took the UK down a path believing it was right for Britain. But, with only 2 referendums in 45 years why didn’t politicians have more faith in the voice of the people or is it that the EU redefined the word ‘democracy’?

    Brexit Exposed is the first and only true account of the Brexit story. Unbiased and accurate, it catalogues UK/EU events that got us where we are today. It’s probably the most important book on the subject to ever be released.

    Preserving the Truth Matters!

    Brexit Exposed is a book you will want to keep for your children and their children.

    Surprise a loved one with a book they will cherish forever!


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    • 7 years of events leading up to Brexit.

    • Who were the winners and loosers.

    • Read the plot – view 140 hours of footage.

    • How often Parliament voted against the people.

    • Six times Brexit could have been stopped.

    About The Author

    Paul McQueen can look back on a wealth of experience simplifying the who, how and when of the Brexit saga. He wants to show people new perspectives and broaden their horizons. What better person to explain the timeline of Brexit than someone who has actually lived through it. Having lived and worked in Zurich, Munich, London he leads an amazing interesting fruitful life with no barriers. He is certainly someone who has benefited from the EU and also knows its pitfalls. He has written a book that you will want to keep for your grand children.

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