Ferage tells Angela Merkel what to do

Nigel Farage makes suggestions directly to Chancelor Angela Merkel before her meeting with David Cameron.


Speaking at a joint press conference with the chancelor of Germany Mrs Angela Merkel before talks with Mr David Cameron: "We are both believers that European countries have to live within their means, as does the European Union and I know that we will discuss that issue tonight."

Mrs Merkel said the EU budget would "loom large" in the pair's discussions as Britain and Germany had shared interests as net contributors to the EU - and both had to reach a deal with other countries that "will stand up in the court of public opinion back home".

She added: "We will not complete negotiations tonight but we want to do this in the spirit of partnership and friendship in order to focus our interests."

She refused "to be drawn into discussion" of whether Britain should decide if it wanted to leave the EU. but speaking earlier in the European Parliament, Mrs Merkel had a direct message for the British people - who she called "the inhabitants of this wonderful island" - telling them: "You won't be happy if you are alone in this world."

Source: BBC