Block Jean-Claude Juncker

David Cameron is the loudest voice in a campaign to stop Juncker becoming President.

Officials in the parliament say that the system is in line with the Lisbon treaty. This calls on the European council – the body comprising the EU's 28 heads of state and government – to propose a candidate, taking account of the European elections. The centre-right European People's party emerged as the largest group in the elections which means Juncker's name should be sent to parliament for approval under the Spitzenkandidaten system. The Lisbon treaty says the parliament must approve the commission president.

Cameron made clear he wants to block the system. As he arrived at the Harpsund meeting Cameron called for "less pointless interference" in the EU, adding: "The democratically elected leaders of the EU should be the ones who choose who should run these institutions rather than accept some new process which was never agreed."

"The future of the European Union is at stake"

"Juncker did not candidate anywhere and was not elected by anyone," Cameron wrote. "The citizens who went to the polls wanted to vote for their MEPs, not the President of the Commission." The success of the anti-EU fractions had to rouse politicians. "The future of the European Union is at stake. Either it is reforming, or it's going downhill. "

Simply accepting the Juncker proposal "would undermine rather than strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the EU" and politicize the Commission. The EU must become more flexible and competitive. "That requires a courageous leadership". You need someone who "accepts that things in Europe are sometimes best dealt with at the national level". The appointment of the Commission President was "the first test".
Source: Die Süddeutsche Zeitung