Arise Sir Tony?

In what world does the most hated Prime Minister of all time get honoured with a knighthood?

Tony Blair is to be afforded the Order of the Garter for no other reason than protocol insists on it. Like squabbling siblings, apparently, the Queen can’t give to one without giving to the others.

This means that Gordon Brown, Theresa May and Boris Johnson are all blocked, as ‘gongs’ cannot be given to leaders who succeeded Blair without him getting one too, sources have said.

The Queen has a dilemma, all but one former Prime Minister before Blair received an honour for which Blair is waiting some 13 years after leaving Downing Street to receive. Despite the Queens’ strained relationship with Blair and her reluctance, she will be forced to bestow him so as to unblock the honours list for future leaders.

During his time as Prime Minister, Blair went to war based on false information, did nothing to stop millions of illegal immigrants arriving in the UK, gave away the EU rebate that Margaret Thatcher so passionately fought for and broke promises in the run up to the 2005 election.

Call me old fashioned,
but shouldn’t honours be given to those who have served Britain with honour?


The Sun newspaper reported that Blair is likely to be made Sir Tony in a bid to clear the bottleneck and allow more politicians from the past decade to be recognised.

There are also concerns that senior orders are beginning to look politically unbalanced because from 102 honours bestowed, the Tories hold 22, Labour four and the Lib Dems three. The plan to rebalance the honours list could see senior Labour members such as former deputy prime ministers Lord Prescott, Lord Blunkett and Harriet Harman benefit.


A petition to stop Tony Blair's knighthood has been declined by government officials.

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