The lead up to John Major winning the 1992 election

John Major narrowly won the 1992 General Election for the Conservative Party. He tried to steer a middle course on Europe, which only angered both the pro-Europeans and the Euro-sceptics within the Conservative Party.

Major reeled off an impressive list of reforms saying he would embark on the longest period of spending cuts Britain had ever seen.

Realistically speaking, John Major shouldn't have won at all and the polls predicted a hung Parliament. Poll tax (community charge) was still making voters angry and the government had in recent times a poor record economically enduring the longest recession for more than 50 years. The Conservatives under the reign of Margaret Thatcher had been in power for a long time (13 years). Nevertheless John Major won more votes than any British party leader has ever won – before or since.

See this comparison of the most votes a PM ever received:

Margaret Thatcher - 13,760,935 (in 1987).
Tony Blair - 13,518,167 (in 1997)
David Cameron - 10,703,654 (in 2010).
John Major - 14,093,007 (in 1992)

This was after all the Prime Minister who signed the Maastricht Treaty.

Interview with John Major