The official Brexit Chronicles
from the bestselling author Paul McQueen.

The Brexit Chronicles

Brexit, we all lived through it and some of us took part. But what really happened?

The official Brexit Chronicles from the bestselling author Paul McQueen is the first and only true account of the Brexit story. Unbiased, accurate and up-to-date it catalogues UK/EU events that got us where we are today.

It’s probably the most important book on the subject to be released this year.

Well researched and presented in an easy to understand format with links to footage of key speeches and newsreels, it gives the reader a clear understanding of how successive leaders led the UK toward an ever closer union until the people said no.

With no less than 5 missed opportunities when Brexit could have been stopped Paul McQueen explains blow by blow when and how joining all the dots of the Brexit story bringing it to life. Only the official Brexit Chronicles guides you through the tales of treachery and skulduggery that got us to where we are today. Regardless of whether you voted Remain or Leave, only by reading the official Brexit Chronicles will you know if you made an informed decision.

With its unique format; read the story then click to watch the newsreel or excerpts of speeches from those in charge.

The Brexit Chronicles is a book you will want to keep for your children and their children.

  • The first book to document 46 years of events leading up to Brexit.

  • The only book that is up-to-date on the Brexit saga.

  • Interactive – Read the plot – see over 140 hours of footage online.

  • Revelations of how often Parliament voted against the people.

  • See five missed opportunities when Brexit could have been stopped.


About The Author

Paul McQueen, a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in simplifying the who, how and when of the Brexit saga that he wants to share. He wants to show people new perspectives and broaden their horizons. What better person to explain the timeline of Brexit than someone who has actually lived through it. Having lived and worked in Zurich, Munich, London he leads an amazing interesting fruitful life with no barriers. He is certainly someone who has benefited from the EU and also knows its pitfalls. He has written a book that you will want to keep for your grand children.

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