Strike Six!

Brexit could have been Stopped 5 times
And now, Strike Six!


General election results 2019 – Turnout was 67.26%

There are 140 first-time MPs in the 2019 intake and 15 who are returning to the benches having sat previously, although not in the last Parliament. And there are 109 new Tory MPs.

The Tories have won a majority in the General Election leaving them holding 365 seats having secured 43.6 per cent of the vote. They now hold 162 more seats than Labour.

General election results 2019 – gains and losses

Conservatives: 75 gains, 9 losses

Labour: 13 gains, 55 losses

Lib Dems: 3 gains, 13 losses

SNP: 14 gains, 1 loss

Greens: No change

DUP: 2 losses

Sinn Fein: 1 gain, 1 loss

Plaid Cymru: No change


Compare the last election results with the referendum result.

2019 UK Election Map


2019 UK Election-Map

2016 UK-EU Referendum Results by Constituency

UK EU Referendum 2016 Results by Constituency

Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament

MPs debate Boris Johnson’s legislative agenda outlined in the
Queen’s speech at the House of Commons