Parties elected as MEPs in 23 May 2019

The new UK MEPs elected in 23 May 2019 will take up their seats in European Parliament on 2 July 2019.


Results by national party United Kingdom - Official results

National partiesPercentage (%)
Brexit Party - Brexit Party30.79%
Lib dems - Liberal Democrats19.78%
Lab. - Labour Party13.74%
GP - Green Party11.78%
Cons. - Conservative and Unionist Party8.86%
SNP - Scottish National Party3.51%
Change UK - Change UK3.31%
UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party3.22%
PL-PW - Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales0.97%
DUP - Democratic Unionist Party0.60%
SF - Sinn Féin0.59%
APNI - Alliance Party0.51%
SDLP - Social Democratic & Labour Party0.37%
TUV - Traditional Unionist Voice0.30%
UUP - Ulster Unionist Party0.25%
Other parties GB - Other parties Great Britain1.48%
Other parties NI - Other parties Northern Ireland0.10%

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