Can a no-deal still happen?

The Benn Bill, designed to outlaw a no deal Brexit.

Three long standing MPs gave speeches on the UK position within the EU, see the time stamp listed below:

Bill Cash @ 6:25:00
Christopher Chope @ 6:40:54
Ian Duncan Smith @ 6:46:12

What is Benn Act?

The Act contains four substantive sections and a schedule that contains the form of a letter to request an extension of the negotiating period:

Section 1: obliges the Prime Minister to request an extension to the Article 50 negotiating period for the purpose of negotiating a withdrawal agreement, unless the House of Commons has passed a motion which either approves a withdrawal agreement or approves departure without a deal, and the House of Lords has debated the same motion. If such a motion is not approved, the Prime Minister is obliged to make the request no later than 19 October 2019.

Section 2: obliges the Government to publish a progress report on negotiations before 30 November 2019, and if rejected or amended, publish a second report which details its plans for further negotiations. Section 2 also obliges the Government to make progress reports every four weeks from 7 February 2020 unless directed otherwise.

Section 3: obliges the Prime Minister to accept an extension to 31 January 2020 and allows the Prime Minister to either accept an offer or ask the House of Commons to accept an offer of any other date.

Section 4: amends legislation to ensure the date of departure is synchronised with European law.

The Schedule specifies the required layout and wording of the letter that requests the extension.