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When it comes to Brexit, there are some who want to re-write the past.

Would you like to be part of a not-for-profit Foundation dedicated to preserving the legacy of people like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Margaret Thatcher and others who all fought for your rights.

Let's form a not-for-profit Foundation with the mission to preserve the truth about what really happened during Brexit.

The Brexit Chronicles website was originally set up to accurately tell the Brexit story, preserving an important part of British history. It catalogues UK membership of the EU over 47 years in chronological order. It highlights the people involved in creating Britain’s legacy with key events and speeches captured on video-clips from the day.

Successive Prime Ministers like Heath, Wilson, Thatcher, Blair, Cameron… sign off treaty after treaty leading toward an ever closer union, without once consulting the unsuspecting public. Key events are all available as video clips. The Brexit Chronicles Foundation will become the library of key events freely available to everyone.

Preserving the Truth does Matter

Reporting British history in a way that future generations can understand is really important. Most young people voted 'Remain' in the 2016 referendum because they didn't know the past history. They didn't know that Margaret Thatcher negotiated a fair payment to the EU forcing them to give a 66% rebate, only to be given away later by Tony Blair to gain favour.

When the next referendum happens (and it will), voters may not have the benefit of a Farage or Johnson warning them of the trap they're being lured in to. The "Rejoiners", will control the narrative with promises and lies as we have already seen post-Brexit.

Brexit won’t be over for many years to come, and there are those in power who seek to reverse the decision of the people. I have been called ‘bias’ toward ‘leave’. But respecting the wish of the people is not ‘bias’, it is simply respecting democracy, a trait which many who voted ‘remain’ especially certain MP's have forgotten.

Lest We Forget

I believe that the Brexit Chronicles should be formed into a Foundation. A not for profit organisation with the mission to preserve this important part of our history in the form of a ‘virtual digital library' that everyone can have free access to. A Foundation would allow the collection to grow into a complete library of key events.


The Brexit Chronicles Foundation’s mission is to present an accurate historical record of UK / EU relations. To provide free access for all, to the library of video clips and documents relating to this period in British history.

Who should become the Foundations President?

Certainly not me, but how about someone who fought on the front line? In order to avoid sabotage, I believe it has to be someone who understands why the people voted to leave the EU and understands the true meaning of 'democracy'.

Boris Johnson, although his contribution was great, as Prime Minister wouldn’t be a good choice. Others spring to mind, like the Rt Hon Mark Francois MP or the ex-MEP Steven Woolfe. If you have contact to prominent players involved in Brexit, share this post with them and let them know about The Brexit Chronicles.

Would you like to Join us?

Show your support and join us. Joining is free! If you find videos that should be included in the catalogue or key events are missing, members are encouraged to  help make this the most comprehensive collection of information on UK / EU relations anywhere in the world. Because preserving the truth matters.

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